domingo, 26 de abril de 2020

Convocatoria mail art tema Unicornio org Johannes Gross (Gevelsberg-Alemania)

Theme: The Unicorn

What is a unicorn for you? Can you catch it?
Did you know that unicorns in antiquity were known for their wildness? That they were able to kill elephants? That they haven't been rosa and glittering all the time?
We are a group of students and teachers who read some latin texts about unicorns in our classics course – and now we are curious about your thoughts on the unicorn!
Exhibition: There will be an exhibition in fall 2020.
Technique: Free
No jury, no return, no fees.
Please add your Name and e-mail.
Please send your piece of art until June 10, 2020 to:
Johannes Gross
Postfach 4049
58727 Gevelsberg

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