sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2020

I send to Tulio Peraza/ Espacio 2C .Theme: The Island


Conv, Mail art The The Island or.Tulio Pereza/Espacio 2C ( Tenerife)

 Bases de la convocatoria

Tecnica libre

Sin costo

Formato máx A4

Número de obras sin límite

Rogamos que las obras traten exclusivamente el tema propuesto
Fecha límite: 31 de octubre 2021

Enviar a:

The Island Mail Art Call 2021

Tulio Peraza/Espacio 2C

Centro Cultural Aldea Blanca

Calle La Valeria s/n

Aldea Blanca 38628



viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2020

I send you mail art to Vercruysse Viva to Belgique


I received mail art of Vercruysse Viva from Belgique.


I send mail art to Katerina Nikoltsou to Greece


I received mail art Add &Pass ( with Mikel Untzilla and Sticker Dude) of Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece.


I send mail art Angela Caporaso to Italy.


I send mail art Frundraiser / Evanston Mad ( USA)

                                                             NOT GLOBAL WARNING

Mail art Call Fundraiser /Evanston Made


Mail Art Fundraiser and Exhibit to support Colin Kaepernick's The Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense.

About this Event

Description: From staying in touch with friends and family to contacting our representatives to mailing in our ballots, the United States Postal Service plays a vital role in how our voices are heard. This mail art show will explore the idea of expressing yourself through postal art. Pick an issue that is important to you (for example: social justice, climate change, the 2020 election) and create a piece of art on a postcard to bring greater attention and let your voice be heard. There is no fee to participate. We request that all participants photograph their postcard prior to mailing. Please email us a jpeg of your postcard, your name and any information about your mail art.

Maximum dimensions: Postcard size: 4” x 6” (10 cm x 15 cm). Postcard can be designed vertically or horizontally.

Materials: Paint, ink, pencil, mixed media, photo, collage, etc., postcard should be made of cardstock or heavy weight paper.

Due Date: October 28, 2020

Date of Exhibit: November 1- 15, 2020

Submission Address: Evanston Made, 1100 Florence Ave., Evanston, IL 60202

Exhibit Address: Evanston Made, 1100 Florence Ave., Evanston, IL 60202

Email: EvanstonMailArt@gmail.com

Fundraiser: Postcards will not be returned to the artists. All postcards will be considered donations to Evanston Made, and available for sale to raise funds for the Colin Kaepernick Know Your Rights Legal Defense Initiative https://www.knowyourrightscamp.com/legal

“The Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative has identified and teamed up with top defense lawyers and civil rights lawyers nationwide to provide legal resources for those in need. When there is an injustice within our community, it is our legal right to address it, by any means necessary. If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance, has been arrested or has been a victim of police brutality while fighting injustice across the nation, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible.”

Note for Artists: Artists should send .jpg of postcard before putting in the mail, so we can archive .jpgs.