viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

I send to Vlado Franjevics to project Spiral Channel to Earth with love

Spiral Channel - To Earth with Love

 Spiral Channel - To Earth with Love
This year will be realized Spiral Channel Projects in Slovakia, Slovenia und Italy under the Theme SPIRAL CHANNEL - TO EARTH WITH LOVE. From July 22nd until 31st 2013 will Vlados 6th Spiral Channel Project be realized in Slovakia. There will be discussed and worked with the Theme „Crises of Values in consumer Culture“. Vlados Partner there will be Galerie Art point in Prievidza and the Gallerist is Roman Turcel. Vlado and Roman participated together in 2011 in WAG Art Colony in Vukovar, Croatia.
All interested colleagues, literary and art workers, as well as all other creatives from all over the world are invited to contribute in this project with the Theme "Crises of Values in consumer Culture". Contributions can have a written or graphic character.
Written characteristics: Here is thought on no more than 25 words of a slogan or short lyrical note! The text have to be translated alongside the original English into German and Italian, and sent all of these translations, in a single WORD document and no later than 30.6.2013 to the following email Contributions that can not be found at this time in email inbox will not be accepted. Each document must have the author's name in the title and next to that - "Slovakia 2013". (Pseudonyms devised names will not be recognized. Besides, if someone has already done with such "artist name" - a name, and is recognized among the world). Each Contribution in WORD document must be labeled with the name and surname of the author, which thus confirms that this is his or her own work, own idea. And that it is to be made freely used for the promotion of the general goods. On the other hand, every author gets the chance for a worldwide promotion of its idea. In addition, it is necessary to write down the exact postale address (so that everyone can get later a possible publication with its own contribution in it). As also an email address which is important for the correspondence between the contributing authors and Vlado Franjević. Vlado take this opportunity to make a public commitment to pass to give that datas to any third parties. The Emails, which contains the contributions to this project, ALSO must have the term "Slovakia 2013"! By sending an entry, you agree that you post on, for this project specially prepared small-scale textile parts (approx. 18x25 cm), may be a simple digital process, mapped and shown in this form in Italy. Just as you are part of this international and inter-cultural unifying project. Your name will be published in the publications. Whether there is only one electronic or just a physical form of the same. Or both. Your text will be published as part of this web page or on a special page of one of the leading internet social media platforms - Facebook. Vlado's opinion, a decent public communication and other reactions to prescribed textual contribution should be a sign that the promotion of dialogue, communication and correspondence, on an intercultural level, is welcome.
Graphic characteristics:
Here is thought to send the contributions as digital photography, drawing, painting, designs. Images can be B/W or colored. The expression can / should be compared with the given theme critical, ironic, optimistic or include caricatured traits. Only one thing is important: Entries must be an original work that was created only and exclusively for this occasion! So all interested, in addition to sending their contributions, are pleased also to send a WORD document with that  confirmation, which should be signed personally:
"With this signature I certify that in same email here attached image was created by my own especially for the spiral channal Vlado Franjević‘s project in Slovakia 2013."
IMPORTANT: All Rights are by the Autors. 
The image must have the following characteristics: JPEG format, size 16x22 cm (either vertically or horizontally aligned) at 200 dpi! Important for all have to be also that the motifs will be printed on a "primitive" digital way on small pieces of textil, and that the color pigment will be transferred with the clear lacquere, so that the clarity and sharpness of the image that you see on Your PC monitor will disappear a little bit. Therefore is much better to work with not a lot of small, intricate details. Everything else, such as the image title, subject, and the answers on questions how your contributions will be incorporated into the project and be shown to the general public, You find in the paragraph "Written characteristics". (Look it here above, please).

Final results, Goodies for Participants and so on... 
a) every participant will be promoted on this site (name, links to own websites) as also (in the frame of this project) via different Social Media Platforms...
b) small sized work with the motif send by the participant will be shown in real spaces for exhibitions and similar
c) Vlado will give his best to publish on the end a kind of a catalogue with all contributions and participants names. in the case like this every participant get one catalogue free. if he'll not find enough supporters for the catalogues in physical form, he will publish all that as e-book(s).