viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012


"Take1 - Film and Mail Art?" Is the 1st Mail Art project proposed and published by the portuguese COMA collective and corresponds to a New Mail Art Call:
Calls to all creators, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, philosophy and religion, to submit a ORIGINAL work, subject to the following idea:
 " Film, being designated as the 7th Art, translates into the technique and ability to record and reproduce images with sense of movement, the works created called Movies, are produced by recording images of the world around us, with cameras, or using animation techniques and visual effects. Mail Art has no official number that designates it, but are many who adopted it in the past and present, as a manifestation of artistic expression, like in cinema, images, concepts, or other expressions, whether visual, tactile, sound or that explore other senses are developed and shared for a specific audience.Both Mail Art and Film share a certain longevity, being different in form but not in essence, since both are means of communication and creativity that man has at his disposal. It is this tenuous link that is purported to be explored in this Mail Art Call."
PARTICIPATION: open to all Planet Earth creators
TECHNIQUE: all techniques are allowed, provided that the holders are able to be mailed
FORMAT: max size 15x21cm (5.91x8.27in)
- No jury, no selection, no prizes, no returns.
- Each artist can only participate with a one work, and should provide, full name, address, nationality, email and web site if available.
- All participants must agree to the reproduction of his work in brochures or other educational material, such as public exposure of the same by the event organizers.
- All works will be exhibited, excluding racist, xenophobic and religion discriminate works.
- ATTENTION !, reproductions of works that have been sent to other Mail Art Calls or Mail Artists are NOT ACCEPT, all works must be ORIGINAL and unique, duly signed by their authors. 
-To facilitate the publication of the received works on the Website/blog, please sent by e-mail a picture of it, including the envelope or shipping package if it has any artistic intervention, to:

EXHIBITION: the works will be exhibited in a space yet to be defined in Lisbon, PORTUGAL, the exhibition date is scheduled for June 2012, which might be altered, and will open to the public for a month.  
DOCUMENTATION: will be available on the Website / Blog for all participants and visitors. All  works will be published in the following locations:
DEADLINE: May 25, 2012
All works must be sent by normal post (snail mail) with postage STAMPS to:

“ TAKE1- CINEMA E MAIL ART ? ”Helder Coelho Dias
Rua Felicidade Páscoa, nº 48
2100-519 Fajarda (Coruche)

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